Data Loss Prevention (DLP) - Protect enterprise data

Prevent data theft and careless handling of data
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Regardless of the medium used to back up data (paper, CD, USB stick, etc.), the loss of customer data, employee data or internal and confidential documents is a serious problem in today's world. Protect your company data with our Dataloss Prevention (DLP) solution.

Prevent data loss at the source

In addition to loss due to employee carelessness or theft of data media, there is also the threat of data loss due to the company's own network structure or the software used. For example, when data is transmitted via mail systems, the content or attachments can be examined and, if in doubt, the transmission can be prevented within the mail client - depending on the classification of the data (content filtering).

Data Loss Prevention from Palo Alto

Whether your data is stored and processed locally (on premise) and/or in the cloud, or transferred across international IT networks, the Palo Alto Enterprise Data Loss Prevention solution permanently protects your data from theft and accidental loss due to negligence. If you are interested or have an urgent need, we can help you on short notice (within 1 hr).

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