Identify – Identify weak points and risks at an early stage

The identification of attack opportunities forms an initial basis for further security measures
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We offer the following services for the identification of attack opportunities:

Penetration test / Pentest
We simulate attacks on your infrastructure and thus obtain information about existing vulnerabilities at an early stage. A pentest is usually performed once and results in a vulnerability report.

Vulnerability Management
Attackers are constantly finding new ways to compromise your IT. Vulnerability management counteracts this by constantly checking your IT for new vulnerabilities. This is a continuous process. A central element of vulnerability management is the vulnerability scan

Penetration test / Pentest

The penetration test (or pentest for short) provides you with important information about vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. The information about vulnerabilities is made up of identification and analysis with regard to attack possibilities as well as a risk assessment. A risk assessment considers both the individual vulnerability and the resulting overall operational risk.

How does penetration testing differ from vulnerability scanning?

Penetration test

• unique
• active exploitation of vulnerabilities
• Blueteam "attacks"

Vulnerability scan

• continuous
• passive checking of possible weak points
• Blueteam performs a scan

Why is a penetration test important for my company?

Today, companies and organizations are increasingly investing in the security of their IT. A pentest can be used to determine once and for all whether these measures are sufficient.

Read more about our penetration testing offer here!

Vulnerability Management

Modern companies carry out continuous vulnerability management. This is part of their fixed security organization. Blueteam offers continuous vulnerability management as a service to companies. In doing so, we always follow the following cycle:
Scanschema Zyklus

Continuous or individually bookable

With Blueteam, you can receive either a complete, continuous vulnerability management or separately a vulnerability scan, which is usually performed once and includes a report as a result.

In addition, we offer a vulnerability scan from the cloud which you can configure and start yourself. The whole thing is GDPR-compliant, of course.

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