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Eliminate attackers and malware and restore operations
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Blueteam stands by your side to actively fight attacks. We work immediately to isolate the attackers, or malware, or to combat ransomware (incident response), guaranteeing the least possible disruption to your value proposition. This also includes forensic analysis.

We can be on site anywhere in Germany within 2 hours in an emergency.

Get in touch with us now so that we can take our time to get to know your IT landscape so that we can take immediate, targeted action in the event of an attack.

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What if malware or an attacker has gained access?

If an attacker has penetrated your IT system landscape through a vulnerability, this vulnerability is eliminated as quickly as possible, the attacker is excluded and, if necessary, the recovery of hardware and software is started. To achieve this, we work with you to create IT security concepts with recovery plans and documentation options for digital forensics for further prosecution.

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Strengthen IT security measures


Detect and analyze cyber attacks


Fend off attacks and restore IT

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