Incident Response – Actively eliminate attacks

We actively combat threats such as cyber attacks or security breaches for you in a timely manner to prevent (further) damage
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If you have been the victim of a successful cyber attack, our Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) will help you remove malware and clean up systems, as well as get your services back up and running. Our incident response team can be at your site nationwide within 2 hours or immediately connect remotely to your IT infrastructure to resolve issues. In addition, we are able to conduct forensic investigations, the results of which we are happy to process for law enforcement agencies if necessary.

Evaluate and resolve attacks

Our CSIRT works closely with your administrators to respond adequately to attacks. Together with your administrators and, if necessary, management, decisions are made on the appropriate scope of countermeasures. These can range from the elimination of malware and the blocking of accounts to the temporary deactivation of entire network segments. In doing so, it is always important to us to ensure that operations are as uninterrupted as possible and that evidence is secured in a way that will stand up in court. The extent and scope of our activities are always determined by the customer.

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