Penetration test / Pentest for companies

The penetration test (or pentest for short) provides you with important information about vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure
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Together with you, we define the scope, the procedure and the method used for the penetration test. On this basis, we simulate an attack on your company / organization. The findings of this simulated attack, as well as the corresponding recommendations for action, are presented in a report.

What is the difference between penetration testing and vulnerability scanning?

The penetration test (or pentest) is an active, non-destructive attack on your IT system landscape. Here, we assume the role of the attacker and try to gain access by any means necessary. The vulnerability scan, on the other hand, is a passive test that merely highlights vulnerabilities.

Why is a penetration test important for my company?

Once an attacker is inside your system, he can steal, modify or delete existing data. Data integrity is thus destroyed and, without the appropriate tools, can only be restored with difficulty. This in turn can lead to long-term damage to your company's reputation.

After a preliminary discussion and a needs analysis, we determine all information from an attacker's point of view, identify possible vulnerabilities and exploit them to access your protected data. Afterwards, you will receive a report with all results from the penetration test, all vulnerabilities found, and recommendations for action to eliminate them.

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