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Our range of services for protection includes: Firewalling, Endpoint Protection and Data Loss Prevention.
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Blueteam analyzes your IT network for your company / organization and determines what type of firewall should be placed where. Configuration and operation of the firewalls can be handled by Blueteam. Alternatively, you can also obtain Palo Alto firewalls Palo Alto firewallsfrom us at a reasonable price.

Endpoint Protection

AI-powered endpoint security provides state-of-the-art protection against all types of IT threats. Traditional endpoint security solutions have failed, outdated antivirus programs are unable to detect and block new, sophisticated attacks. For this reason, only cloud-based intelligence can now help defend against complex threats. The Palo Alto Cortex XDR-Solution offers exactly this state-of-the-art technology, which you can also obtain from us.

Data Loss Prevention

Minimize the risk of data breaches by consistently identifying sensitive data across the enterprise, monitoring its distribution, and preventing unauthorized data transfers. In the process, ensure regulatory compliance and stop risky user behavior. With the appropriate solutions from Palo Alto, you can comprehensively protect your data. Sprechen Sie uns an!

Why is it so important for combating cyberattacks?

In the course of digitalization, the need for cybersecurity is also increasing, because only those who regularly check their company for IT vulnerabilities can minimize cyberattacks. The permanently automated scans and tests we offer are based on the latest findings about how attackers gain access to your IT from the outside and reveal to you where your company can better protect itself.

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Strengthen IT security measures


Detect and analyze cyber attacks


Fend off attacks and restore IT

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